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.: Version changelog 1.1.0 :.

detailed changelong compared to the previous version

:: Program history

detailed changelong compared to the previous version
Version released on November 20, 2006. Changes in the version:
  1. Multiple server support is added. Additionally, the current server is now saved along with the gallery data and the "Publish" pane adjusted.
  2. Change to the image link pointing to the PixExpose website - it opens in a new window now.
  3. Change to the "Unlock the program" window - the settings related to the commercial and personal versions are removed now (PixExpose is available in the commercial version only).
  4. The "Unlock the program" command would not disappear from the Help menu upon unlocking the program.
  5. Wrong help topic would open upon clicking the "Order license for yourself!" command in the Help menu.
  6. New keyboard shortcuts are assigned to the file list (Select all, Unselect all).
  7. In some cases (fixed number of thumbnail rows), the "Division by 0" error would occur while generating the gallery.
  8. The "Blue-golden" template, which was included with the 1.0.0 version by accident, is removed now.
  9. More special effects for large images are added.
  10. The 'Invert selection' command is added to the list of files selected for publishing.
  11. The list of files selected for publishing now features its context menu.
  12. Fixes to the syntax highlighting schemes in the template editor.
  13. It would not be possible to save the changes in the current gallery settings upon changing an image caption only.
  14. Possibility to export and import gallery settings is added.
  15. Change to the behavior of the image caption editing field - if you select more than one image now, the program will ask you if you want to apply the caption to all the selected images.
  16. Gallery template files would not be copied when saving under a new name.
  17. Options for removing EXIF data (and EXIF thumbnails separately) from big images and thumbnails separately are added.
  18. Change to the behavior of the thumbnail blur effect. It is "More sharpened/More blurred" now (compatible with the blur setting from the existing templates).
  19. Files in the gallery image file list are now sorted by hours and minutes and seconds.
  20. The program no longer removes the DOCTYPE, HTML, HEAD, and META tags from the gallery document template.
  21. The controls in the large image and thumbnail effect panes would not be enabled and disabled correctly (depending if the effect was or was not enabled) when switching templates.
  22. Upon running Image browser, the default folder is highlighted in blue now (thus more visible).
  23. The image list would be regenerated upon previewing a selected image in the full-screen.
  24. The publishing list is regenerated or a message to refresh it displayed upon renaming the current gallery folder now.
  25. Possibility to specify colors by their HEX values (to the side of the color drop-down list) is added.
  26. Interface names are now uniformed.
  27. The tabbing order of interface elements is now corrected.
  28. Change in the look of the keyword list ('List' instead of 'Report').
  29. More than one item can now be selected in the keyword list.
  30. The keyword list now features its context menu.
  31. Change to the layout of the "Gallery title and description" pane, possibility to specify national character encoding is added.
  32. If you double-click a file in the list of files selected for publishing you will check/uncheck it for/from publishing.
  33. Toolbars are added in the gallery document template panes. You can dock the toolbars to the top and left of the editor field.
  34. The libGFL libary is now changed from the version 2.40 to 2.54 (the files libgfl240.dll and libgfle240.dll are replaced with libgfl254.dll and libgfle254.dll).
  35. In the trial version, some thumbnails will now feature the program logo with the "Unregistered version" notice upon generating the gallery. Additionally, the image is now entirely semi-transparent and placed in random places (not in the right bottom corner as it has been thus far).
  36. In the trial version, on every thumbnail page additional thumbnails will be added now (in random positions).
  37. The "Unregistered version" window will not be displayed when opening the "Program settings" window now.
  38. Change to the way templates are created from scratch - default templates are loaded now (they were empty before).
  39. In the trial version, the "Unregistered version" thumbnails are now added (on every thumbnail page).
  40. A drop-down list containing recently used access paths to folders, to which galleries have been saved to the disk, is added.
  41. Full-screen preview would automatically close (in the browser, of the gallery template preview image, etc.).
  42. Change to the layout of the gallery image list pane in the "Create" tab. The Preview image and image caption editing field are now below the list.
  43. Change of the folder storing template preview image (and others, such as, e.g. water mark file) to \Settings\Styles\[template_name]\adds\.
  44. Fixed the function to display built-in preview - the Firefox browser is now correctly supported.
  45. The program would ask to save the current gallery template when no changes had been made, only image effect tabs switched when closing it or switching templates.
  46. The current pane in the "Create" tab would automatically switch when loading gallery data (the button to the left remained unchanged!).
  47. Link map (with the link to the PixExpose website "under" the "Unregistered version" notice) for large images in galleries created In the trial version is added.
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